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The sea is calling (version 2)

Donít you hear The sea is calling Donít you hear Itís calling for me Donít you hear Itís from inside, to drunk me The sea is calling With voices I know Itís calling me For my deepest sorrow The sea is calling And I canít answer Not today, not tomorrow Not even this year Itís making me (sea)sick The sea is calling With no pride With nothing to hide Hurting the wound I ever get I never loose And never wanna miss But today The sea is calling Itís voice is wet Wet from my hopes Wet from my fears Wet from hundred tears The sea is calling Calling for me Calling for my dreams Calling for what I hide And I canít reply The sea is calling Calling for every single word That you whisper Knowing that it cuts Cuts the wound deeper Deeper than a sword could But every time Iím whishing This sweet sorrow Hoping itíll never ends Hoping weíll be more than friends The sea is calling But Iíll never reach! How sweet its drops Iíll never see How sweet its sound Iíll never hear The sea is calling And I can never reply Thinking about what might be Moments passing be But never become real
3.12.06 11:23

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